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Unique weighing technology – ProfisPro

Perfect weighing system: With the ProfisPro, AMAZONE introduces a new weighing system, combining maximum comfort with optimised work performance. In addition to its core function where the on-line weighing function regulates the application rate, the weighing signals are used for other functions.

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Intelligent technology

A new integrated weigh frame connects the hopper to the weigh frame via four weigh cells. This is completely separate to the chassis. Thus, there are no weight measuring points which are influenced by the traction forces of the tractor. The result is a high frequency and precise on-line-weighing procedure. A tilt sensor additionally compensates for the inclination of the machine on slopes. This signal is also used to register any tendency of the ZG-TS to drift down on a slope and, via the steering axle, to counter-steer the machine back in track.

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On-line calibration

The signals produced from the weighing system are used for the on-line calibration and thus enables automatic regulation of the application rate via the metering shutters. Benefits of on-line calibration: • Enter the spread rate and drive off • Reliable measuring values • Automatic regulation of the metering shutter slides

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Intelligent fill management

ProfisPro is particularly clever with its intelligent fill management during loading. Without the use of an external scale, the system gives precise information about the load condition at all times, thus preventing overloading and empty runs. And so, as a filling aid, or by the continuous measurement of the hopper contents, ProfisPro sets new standards. Benefits of fill management • Reliable filling aid • Reliable fill level measurements even without using an external balance • Avoidance of unnecessary empty travelling and residues

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Automatic braking force control

In order to be safe on the road, even at high speeds and different load capacities, the ZG-TS offers an optional automatic load-dependent braking force control. The electronic braking system (EBS) receives the signal for determining the load-dependent braking force from the new on-line weighing system. Since the weighing system continuously determines the quantity in the hopper, the delivered braking force adapts automatically. Due to this the braking sensitivity is perfect for all load ranges. The ZG-TS also fulfils the requirements of the new EU braking regulations 167/2013. Advantageous electronically-controlled braking system: • Load-dependent braking • Comfortable and safe road travel • Maximum safety on the headlands and on slopes

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