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Mowing – no matter whether damp or dry

The Profihopper does a superb job in nearly all climatic or vegetative conditions. Its well-proven AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system is the guarantor for well-groomed lawns. Whether the sun is shining or the early morning dew is still on the grass – work can begin. The Profihopper is not bothered whether the grass is wet, exceptionally tall or even thick – and it always achieves first class results.

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Collecting leaves

Thanks to the superb suction effect almost “everything” (leaves, chestnuts, acorns, etc. ...) is collected and the hopper capacity is optimised. In addition, the chopping up of the leaves by the rotating blades speeds up their decomposition. To improve and aid that grass growth, those leaves can be collected and the lawn aired in a single pass by simply adding the scarifying blades.

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Scarifying – improves the soil structure

The AMAZONE Profihopper is also a superb scarifyer. The scarifying knives, which are quickly attached without tools, slit the turf and thin out the lawn’s surface. Thatch is removed, collected and at the same time the soil is rolled. And so, due to the scarifying, the improved light, air, water and nutrient exchange results in a significant improvement in the soil structure.

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Superb working quality at cutting heights of 0 – 90 mm

The cutting height adjustment is done very comfortably and quickly. Via the operating tool, positioned on the mower unit, the cutting height can be variably adjusted from 0 – 90 mm whereby the entire mowing unit is swung so that no deeper positioned parts affect the quality of work.

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PowerCompactor with SmartCut:

• 1.50 metres working width • 88 (44 pairs) sharpened wing blades, arranged in 4 rows • Rotor speed 3,400 rpm. PowerCompactor: extended and reliable operation without emptying! With the PowerCompactor, the Profihopper enters a new class in efficiency. The PowerCompactor features a conveyor auger system consisting of longitudinal and cross conveyor augers, giving the Profihopper, in comparison with other mowers, a higher collection capacity and thus quicker forward speeds, even in tall grass. Immediately after collection, the cuttings are compressed via the auger conveyor system and collected in the hopper. Thanks to this packing action, 1,600 l of uncompressed cuttings can be fitted into the 1,100 l collection hopper. This principle increases the hopper capacity by almost 50 %. So, compared with a usual mower, the hopper capacity of the Profihopper is approximately 1,600 l. Time losses due to hopper emptying are reduced immediately by 50 % and simultaneously the efficiency of both machine and manpower is increased. Benefits of the PowerCompactor • The high conveyor volume ensures maximum mowing capacities with operational speeds of up to 10 km/h • Extreme compaction of the hopper capacity by approximately 50 % to the equivalent of 1,600 litres of cuttings • Automated engine management means a comfortable working environment • Optimised fuel consumption by the perfect teamwork of engine capacity and forward speed SmartCut exact cut rotor The outstanding feature of the rotor is the specific chevron mounting arrangement of the blades resulting in an improved performance both when cutting and collecting; and at a reduced noise level. For this innovation, AMAZONE was awarded a Silver Medal by the Innovations Jury at Demopark 2013. Benefits of the SmartCut exact cutting rotor • Precise and clean cutting in one pass • Improved collection quality • Reduced noise emission • Simple and quick blade exchange • Good for the operator and the environment: The delivery system does not require any air assistance and in this way operates at low noise levels and is virtually dust-free.

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Rubbish and Paddock collection – Clean up

The conveying system is not sensitive to foreign objects, so the collection of tins, paper and other rubbish lying around in parks and leisure areas, is no problem for the Profihopper. Paddock Maintenance – Your horses will thank you Healthy animals thanks to clean paddocks. The Profihopper mows patches of rank grass and the droppings are reliably collected.

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Mulching – returning important nutrients

Through the special mounting of the knives on the big diameter rotor, the grass-stalks are cut off and then shredded many times. For mulching, the mulch flap is just inserted into the Profihopper and the cuttings are spread evenly across the mown area. Important nutrients are consequently then fed back into the soil.

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Blade change – simple, quick and safe!

Different blades are available for individual applications. The blades are made from special treated steel to ensure a low wear rate. In addition, the blade system is resistant to foreign obstacles because each blade is independently suspended.

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