A top-class winemaker in Austria’s Burgenland state

Resi and Jürgen Zechmeister

Amazone machines aren’t just popular among farmers; winemakers are keen on them too, as proven by ‘Weinbau Zechmeister’, a traditional family-run business based in Eisenstadt (Burgenland, Austria). The Zechmeister family presses and markets multi-award-winning wines straight from the farm, in addition to growing winter wheat, rape, sunflowers and maize.

The modern company has been ploughless for 15 years – and has used Amazone’s entire range of equipment over an even longer period. The Zechmeisters have been using an Amazone fertiliser spreader, for example, since the 1970s. A UF 01 sprayer and the Cenius 4003-2 Super cultivator have been added over the years – the most recent acquisition being the Cirrus 6003-2 seed drill combination with TwinTeC+ double disc coulters.

Zechmeister Cirrus

The highly-efficient and reliable technology has helped the company to significantly optimise its harvest results in recent years. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Zechmeister for the amazing trust they place in Amazone and would also like to wish them every success with their business for the future.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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