Amazone manure spreader for the Lanz Alldog tool carrier

Anbau_Stalldungstreuer_Streuknecht_nur Streuer_sw

From 1950 to roughly 1970, Amazone also built manure spreaders in the Hude plant – surprisingly in large quantities and in different sizes. When tool carriers were the fashion and most tractor manufacturers had such a vehicle in their fleet, Amazone’s thoughts turned to how these tool carriers could also be used for manure spreading. The solution that Amazone went on to find was obvious. An tool carrier is better at carrying than pulling, but spreading manure forwards and then driving over it is problematic, apart from the smell. What’s more, the engine usually wasn’t powerful enough to drive the manure spreader.

With all these disadvantages, it’s hardly surprising that the ‘Streu-Knecht’ UK 1 LA manure spreader didn’t become a commercial success. It stayed at the prototype stage.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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