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ArgusTwin – Automatic adjustment to the optimum lateral distribution


With the Argus Twin system, AMAZONE offers a system for spread pattern monitoring with automatic spread pattern adjustment. The registration of the lateral distribution is carried out via radar technology which is not affected by dust and pollution, and provides reliable results in practice. ArgusTwin constantly monitors, via radar sensors mounted on both the sides of the spreader, the left and right hand spread fans simultaneously and re-adjusts the electric delivery system independently of each other if necessary.

Top features of ArgusTwin

  • The system is ready for operation immediately  
  • Positioned directly above the spreading discs
    • the system is located safely between the outer guard tube and the base hopper
    • therefore no areas where moisture, dirt or fertiliser may deposit  
  • Constant on-line monitoring of both spread fans
  • Maintains an optimum lateral distribution of the fertiliser even with changeable fertiliser quality
    • Basis for optimum crop management
    • More effective use of the fertiliser  
  • The system is also active when border spreading or if a part-width section is switched on or off  
  • Automatic slope compensation of the spread pattern by readjustment of the delivery system position  
  • Rigidly attached to the spreader: no moving parts – completely maintenance-friendly and free of wear

WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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