Cayros XS - the robust heavy-weight


With up to 6 furrows, the Cayros XS excels with its potentially higher output as well as its exceptional functionality and build Quality. Ideal for tractors from 260 HP/191 kW, the Cayros XS is the right tool for the bigger farmer. Efficient and cost-effective, it offers everything a plough should. The features: - 4, 5 or 6 furrow (depending on model) - For tractors up to 191 kW/260 HP - 120 mm diameter turnover shaft and adjustable tapered roller bearings - Strong beam dimensions 150 x 150 x 8.8 mm (12 mm wall thickness from 5 furrow) - Standard furrow width adjustment (4 step), or, as an option, can also be steplessly adjusted hydraulically - Stone protection via shear  bolt or automatic hydraulic NonStop stone release system - Choice of 3 interbody clearances (depending on model) - Double-acting automatic turnover cylinder as standard (can be operated with single-acting spool valve and a pressure-free return) or, from choice, also with an automatic swivel mechanism (memory cylinder)

Image film AMAZONE 1883