Centralised and simple depth adjustment


At the front of the machine, support wheels carry out the depth guidance. At the rear of the machine, the depth rollers perform this task. If it is intended to adjust the working depth whilst on the move to react to varying soil conditions or to repair harmful compaction, the optionally available stepless hydraulic depth control is recommended. The depth setting of the support wheels, of the running gear and of the depth roller are synchronised through a sophisticated hydraulic system via a double acting control valve - a big gain in comfort for the Cenius 2TX! When working with depth rollers, the required lift height of the running gear is accurately defined for a minimum turnaround time on the headland. If, during operation, the working depth is adjusted, the lift height of the wheels is automatically matched via the hydraulic system. In this way any “running along” of the wheels is prevented. If, however, on areas with very light soils where some additional help from the transport wheels is desired, this can also be set. In very wet conditions, in late autumn or when leaving the field to overwinter, the Cenius-2TX can be operated without a depth roller. In this special case, the chassis serves as the depth control. Comfortable to use spacers can be swivelled around the piston rod of the running gear hydraulic cylinder to keep the running gear then at the desired working depth. The tines at the rear of the wheels serve as wheel mark eradicators to ensure a level finish.    

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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