From around the world: Hektor leads the way: Ploughing competition winner

Winner Yuri Blokhin and Hektor, the Amazone trailed reversible plough

In the race for the best plough, our Hektor was the pick of the bunch once again. Our plough was crowned champion at this year's Russian ploughing competition "Ryazan Region Field Day - 2020" on 24 July, 2020.

However, 8-furrow Hektor did not achieve the feat alone: The plough was expertly set up and controlled by Yuri Blokhin from the Aleksandro-Nevsky district; Yuri had already won the championship title "Best Ploughman in the Region" with Hektor.

No other machine was able to keep to the plot boundary as well, draw the plough line as straight and maintain such an accurate ploughing depth - all of which was evaluated by the judges. Yuri and Hektor battled to victory against a field of eleven participants from ten different districts.

We would like to send our warm congratulations to the “Regional Champion 2020"!

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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