Hektor working in Russia


The Hektor semi-mounted reversible plough is doing great things in Russia right now. No, not Hector the famous military leader of Troy from Greek mythology, but the Amazone "Hektor” plough. In any event, Alexey Novichihin, farm manager of Landbetrieb Baskakowo OOO, says that it performs heroic feats. He puts it this way: "We achieved a top quality of work, had no problems and no breakdowns!”

The farm manager particularly likes the simple handling of the plough and its enormous output potential. Mr Novichihin uses the Hektor on the black soils in the southern Tula region. Here the Hektor always ploughs in the crop residues cleanly and convinces with its impressive work rates: Equipped with the shear bolt stone release, the 8-furrow, semi-mounted reversible plough managed over 1,900 ha during the 2018 season.


Hektor's work partner is the Kirowez K 744. This heavy tractor with all-wheel drive and centre pivot steering is widely used in Russia and pulls the large plough through the fields. The two of them are a good team, because the tractor needs 30 percent less pulling force than with the previous plough now it has the Amazone "Hektor" plough in tow. This significantly reduces diesel consumption. This saves the farm cash, Hektor's companion Kirowez has a longer life and Mr Novichihin is pleased.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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