Induction bowl


The 60 l induction bowl is positioned directly underneath the operator control chest. The phenomenal suction capacity of 150 l/min guarantees the quick, absolutely trouble-free filling and a complete emptying. For inducting powders or granular spray agents, an additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture. The mixing nozzle is infinitely-variable and can be operated in parallel to the infinitely-adjustable output of the high capacity rinse ring. When either suction or pressure filling, the induction bowl can be also supplied with fresh water via a steplessly-adjustable 3-way valve! The canister cleaning nozzle is activated simply by pushing down the canister or measuring jug. In the upper zone of the canister cleaning nozzle there is an additional, smaller contact area which is positioned where the nozzle can be activated, specifically for a more effective cleaning of the canister neck. Details, such as the measuring jug holder, or the drain off possibility for the canisters located on the inner side of the dustproof and liquid tight lid, provide the operator with an exceptionally convenient operation. When the induction bowl is closed a complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister cleaning nozzle. The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

WindControl - Calm conditions at the touch of a button

The effect of the wind on the spread pattern can be permanently monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl. A high-frequency wind sensor mounted on the machine records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer.

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