ISOBUS-Terminal AmaPad 2


AmaPad – The especially comfortable way to control agricultural machinery

AmaPad features a high-resolution, high-contrast and low-reflection 12.1" multi-touch colour display. The operation of AmaPad is carried out solely via touch. With the practical “MiniView concept”, applications which aren’t being actively operated at that moment but need to be monitored are clearly displayed at the side. When needed these can be enlarged via “a finger swipe”. The possibility to individualise a “dashboard panel” with the displays of choice rounds up the user ergonomics. In addition to GPS-Switch part-width section control with GPS-Track pro also a professional parallel steering aid with integrated light bar is installed as standard.

Benefits of AmaPad:

  • Particularly low-reflection, high contrast, large 12.1" multi-touch colour display
  • Standard high-tech equipment level with GPS-Maps pro, GPS-Track pro and GPS-Switch pro
  • Extended MiniView concept
  • Upgrade to automatic steering is possible thanks to the automatic GPS-Track Auto track guidance
  • Day and night mode

Terminal features:

  • ISOBUS compatible with all ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE and from other manufacturers
  • Two 2.0 USB interface ports for data exchange • WLAN module (via USB adapter)
  • Remote servicing via the internet possible • Interface for the connection of sensors via SCU-L adapter (e.g. for N-sensors)
  • GPS-interface
  • Light sensor for the optimum adjustment of the display

The following applications are possible:

  • Task Controller – job management and application maps in ISO-XML file format
  • GPS-Maps pro – processing of application maps in the shape file format
  • GPS-Switch pro – automatic headland and part-width section control of up to 128 part-width sections
  • GPS-Track pro – parallel steering aid with integrated light bar
  • GPS-Track Auto – automatic track guidance (only on Pantera)

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