Mechanical stone safety release


Pitching the hardness of steel against that of stone - The Cayros has a choice of three stone safety release systems to overcome this issue. Due to the ingenious idea of mounting all components outside on the plough frame, you can choose between three different stone safety release systems for your Cayros. Shearbolts are the tried and tested standard solution for this system. When stressed, the shearbolts fracture at the break points and the plough body swings up and out of the way of the obstacle. The plough is then simply lifted, new shearbolts are inserted and ploughing can be continued. The advantages: + Double shearing, hardened flange plates + High-quality shearbolts in 10.9 quality and with a special design + The pivot point of the leg is very high and located towards the front – the plough does not lift when it is triggered

Image film AMAZONE 1883