Notching up an impressive performance over three generations: the Brömstrups

Dirk Brömstrup, Head of the Marketing and Communications Department

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him, he’s continuing the family tradition at Amazone: Dirk Brömstrup (Head of the Marketing and Communications Department) is the third generation of his family to work for our company. If you add the three men’s length of service up, they’ve worked for Amazone for almost 130 years in total – which is definitely a record. Dirk’s grandfather, Friedrich Brömstrup, worked for Amazone as a carpenter for 50 years under our founder, Heinrich Dreyer. Friedhelm Brömstrup, Dirk’s father, worked in Sales for 49 years, holding posts including that of Sales Manager.

Dirk Brömstrup, who holds a degree in Business Administration, joined our company in 1990 and has worked in AMAZONEN-WERKE’s main plant ever since. To begin with, he successfully took care of promoting our range of sprayers. Afterwards, the youngest Mr Brömstrup managed our Internal Sales Department in the German Sales Division, organised job management and took care of advertising. In 2002, he ultimately took over the establishment and management of the Marketing and Communications Department. He inspires colleagues and customers alike with his ideas. We would like to thank Dirk Brömstrup for all his excellent work to date and hope that he enjoys many more successful years working for Amazone.

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