Operation at optimum fuel saving: ECO and POWER

The new and optimised engine revs regulation enables you to operate the Pantera always at the optimum fuel consumption efficiency. If ECO mode has been selected in the AMADRIVE terminal, the engine searches for the optimum operating point for torque and revs, depending on the relevant driving situation. When spraying on the flat, an engine rev reduction down to 950 RPM is possible. The automatic rev adaptation takes place constantly and sensibly between 950 and 2,000 RPM. If, however, you are working on steep slopes in hilly terrain, reinstate maximum efficiency of up to 2,000 RPM via the POWER mode. Of course, also the low unladen weight of the Pantera 4502 (9,900 kg with a 24 metre boom)  is an advantage for a low fuel consumption. So, the fuel tank volume of 230 litres enables high work rates over long days.

Image film AMAZONE 1883