Pantera 4502-H – increased flexibility


At the touch of a button on the operator terminal, the driver can lift the machine up to a ground clearance of 1.70 m. With the machine in the lifted position, the track width can be adjusted between 2.10 and 2.60 m. In this way, the Pantera 4502-H, despite its higher centre of gravity, proves to be highly stable and at the same time can be used flexibly in a variety of crops and row spacings. One unique feature of the AMAZONE solution is the still very broad track width range. So in normal operation where a ground clearance only 1.25 m is required, the track width of the machine can be adjusted from 1.80 to 2.40 m. Especially for agricultural contractors, who wish to offer a flexible crop protection service across a greater variety of customers and crops, they are still able to operate at narrower track widths in small field regions. With the Pantera 4502-H the range of crop protection applications can be significantly extended and thus increases the machine's capacity. Automatic track guidance In addition to the automatic steering system via GPS, the Pantera 4502-H can also be equipped with the row sensing system from Reichhardt. This is optimally suited for when guiding the Pantera in row crops, such as, for example, maize or sunflowers. As an alternative, the ultrasonic sensor system from Reichhardt can be utilised for automatic track guidance.  

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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