Pantera - flexible intelligence


There is a clear division of responsibilities for the high quality Linde hydraulic pumps. Because of the large diameter wheels, very high torques are needed, especially when starting off from stationary. The intelligent drive concept of the Pantera doesn’t build up these high forces hydraulically but translates these into mechanical forces via the planetary gearboxes. This makes for a guaranteed drive when working in unfavourable ground conditions and when driving off. The electrically adjustable wheel motors are, depending on the driving situation, always optimally set, no matter whether maximum torque or maximum revs are required. Quick running hydrostatic transmission with reduction gear at the wheel + High torque at all time + No speed change steps  + Possibility of larger wheel diameters + The adjustable axial piston pump delivers the oil flow to the hydro motor  + Every hydro motor is individually speed regulated (traction control)  + A fixed reduction ratio in the planetary gear drives the wheel

Image film AMAZONE 1883