Conserving water with the Minimum TillDisc

The Minimum TillDisc cuts the soil and residues in front of the seed rows with the wavey profile of the disc bringing moist earth up from deeper directly to the seed row without moving a lot of soil.

Minimum TillDisc (2) MinimumTillDisc_Fahrspur_d1_200602

Better water utilisation thanks to strip-wise cultivation with the Minimum TillDisc

Minimum TillDisc (3) Feldaufgang_nach_Cirrus_MinimumTillage_d0_kw_PC102034_d1_200602
Minimum TillDisc (4) Feldaufgang_nach_Cirrus_MinimumTillage_d0_kw_PC102034_d1_200602

The right choice of soil tillage tool

Minimum TillDisc (1) Cirrus6003-2CC_MTD_d0_kw_DJI_0330_d1_191026
Cirrus 6003-2CC
  1. Leading tyre packer
  2. Disc element with either Minimum TillDisc or the coarse- or fine-serrated discs
  3. FerTeC single disc coulter
  4. Matrix tyres
  5. TwinTeC+ double disc coulter or RoTeC pro single disc coulter
  6. Seed baffle plates for the GreenDrill 501

In addition to the Minimum TillDisc disc element, the Cirrus can be used with other soil tillage tools depending on the soil conditions and sowing process. The disc elements can also be easily changed. It goes without saying that the Cirrus can also be used without soil tillage.

The individually suspended discs provide effective and even mixing of the soil and the production of fine soil. The working depth can be comfortably changed from the tractor seat thanks to the hydraulic depth adjustment.

Coarse- or fine-serrated disc element

Minimum TillDisc (5) Cirrus_3003_Compact_Case_d0_kw__8071390_d1_1001