» Cirrus - The world of precision


» Versatile tank and sowing concept

The Cirrus offers various tank concepts for a variety of applications. The Cirrus-CC can be combined with the GreenDrill to deliver up to three different materials at three different points with precise metering. Each seed type is therefore perfectly metered and placed. Precise under-root fertilisation is also possible thanks to an additional FerTeC single disc coulter.


» ElectricDrive

The electrically-driven metering ensures precise and consistent compliance with the seed rate for various seed types from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha. The seed rate can be automatically adjusted while driving using application maps.


» Matrix tyres

Specially developed Matrix tyres consolidate the seedbed in strips. The sowing coulter runs very smoothly and follows precisely in these defined strips, even at high speed. They also ensure that the machine runs safely and smoothly on the road at up to 40 km/h.


» Optimum seed placement

Depending on the requirements, optimum seed placement is obtained thanks to two different coulter systems, the RoTeC pro and the TwinTeC+. The universal RoTeC single disc coulter enables the Cirrus to stand the test even in extremely wet weather. The high-performance TwinTeC+ double disc coulter is extremely robust and precise, even at high speeds.


» mySeeder App:

Calibration is provided directly on the machine at the touch of a button via smartphone thanks to the new mySeeder App – no more tiresome climbing up and down into and out of the tractor cab. More...

AMAZONE Seedbed preparation – also with MinimumTillDisc

The disc element with maintenance-free, specially angled discs, provides a superbly cultivated and levelled seedbed. The working depth can be hydraulically adjusted during working. When using the MinimumTillDisc, the seedbed is prepared in strips only in the areas where the sowing coulter will run, in order to enable water-conserving sowing.

AMAZONE GPS-Switch and AutoPoint

Thanks to the GPS-Switch and AutoPoint, the Cirrus switches on and off very precisely at the headland and in wedge shaped fields. Unnecessary overlaps and missed sections are avoided.

AMAZONE Cirrus 6003-2CC with Minimum TillDisc & GreenDrill 501

The Cirrus trailed cultivator drill is a pneumatic seed drill which is characterised by its superb working performance; both in conventional and mulch sowing. With its working widths of 3 to 6 m and hopper sizes from 3,000 to 3,600 l, the Cirrus stands for Maximum work rates and as an alternative, the Cirrus-C comes also with a 4,000 l twin outlet pressurised hopper.

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