Production of the PH 1500 has started at our plant in Forbach, France

Hervé Rose during the final assembly of the PH 1500.

The new PH 1500 Profihopper with a cutting width of 1.50 m has been in series production since this spring.

The advantages of the Profihopper haven’t changed. It can mow grass even when it’s wet, scarify and collect the scarified material at high speed, and chop and collect leaves and small pieces of debris on the grassed areas.

All of these features make the Profihopper an incomparable work tool. The larger

Steered by Thierry Schneider, the 1500 SmartLine Profihopper self-propelled mower/ collector with intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive works impressively in tall grass.

Profihopper also offers a significant increase in performance due to its much larger capacity. These unique properties quickly pay off, especially for gardeners, landscape gardeners and local authorities. We are proud of our big ‘Profihopper’.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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