Packer C-Pack

Levelling and targeted reconsolidation  in one operational pass

To help prepare the field for the following sowing operation, targeted reconsolidation after ploughing is ideal. In  many cases, there is insufficient time for the settling of the  soil after ploughing and natural tilth formation does not  take place so that combining two operational passes is an  optimal possibility.  A heavy ring packer, in combination with the plough, provides  deep reconsolidation, crushing coarse clods and preventing  the soil from drying out.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Universal ring profile with a flank angle of 36° and  additional integrated shoulder. Ring diameter 900 mm.  
  • The ring design without centre hub permits a modular  extension of the furrow width.  
  • Integrated cleaning belts for a blockage-free operation.

    Can be extended with  
  • Breaker ring packer for intensive levelling and crumbling  
  • Simple changeover from work to transport position
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Output calculator

The Amazone output calculator enables a farm-related economic calculation of key working features to be made prior to making a decision for investment.


©plus - Hardening procedure of AMAZONE - The knowledge for heat treatment of wear parts

Since Vogel & Noot was taken over in 2016, AMAZONE has been able to offer a complete plough range, from a 2-furrow mounted plough to an 8-furrow semi-mounted plough. Following the acquisition of the accumulated technical knowledge of plough-related...


International sales network

Outside of Germany and Austria, you can get AMAZONE agricultural and municipal machinery as well as technical support from specialized importers.

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