SmartLearning App – farm machinery

The AMAZONE SmartLearning App provides training videos in the operation of Amazone machinery. The training videos are downloaded on demand to your smart phone and are then available off-line. Simply just choose the appropriate video that you want to watch.

SmartLearning for agricultural machinery

Via the interactive training, you can practice by yourself the operation of complex AMAZONE agricultural machinery on a PC or tablet, even outside of normal working hours.

SmartLearning for Groundcare machinery

This on-line driver's training portal includes many short video clips, backed up by a commentary and simulations, that explain the technical complexities of the machine

SmartLearning agricultural machinery download version

Download our modules and practice the operation of complex AMAZONE machinery on the PC or Tablet on your own and also outside of normal working hours.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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