Oct 24, 2019

Three Agritechnica silver medals for Amazone

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The first successes for Amazone on the run-up to Agritechnica 2019. The neutral panels of experts appointed by the DLG (German Agricultural Association) has awarded silver medals to three of Amazone’s innovations.

EasyMix – processing via the App

The first of the awards received by Amazonen-Werke goes to EasyMix, one of the components of the new Amazone mySpreader App. EasyMix is used for simplifying the evaluation and adjustment for when spreading blended fertilisers. Different fertilisers are often mixed together to save on the number of applications and so reduce operating costs. However, accurate application of blended fertilisers gets increasingly more difficult as a result of the wider work widths, as the different fertilisers have different trajectories. Finding the correct setting for all the various constituents is often very difficult. With EasyMix, Amazone now offers a tool that can check the suitability of mixing the different constituents in the blend and find the best possible compromise for the setting; knowing the spreading nature of the different fertiliser in the mix.

Amazone_AmaSelect Row
Row-specific band spraying

The second award-winning innovation for Amazone, AmaSelect Row, enables all sprayers equipped with AmaSelect nozzle bodies to switch from the tractor seat from whole-area application to row-based band spraying. This enables the grower to reduce consumption of plant protection agents by up to 65%. This requires special SpotFan 40-03 nozzles with a spraying angle of just 40°. These nozzles work without overlap and apply 100% of the plant protection agent across the whole width of the spray cone. As standard, band applications can be carried out on a 50 cm row spacing but, by means of the nozzle extension kit, row spacings of 25 cm and 75 cm can also be achieved. Switching between individual nozzle positions, or between whole-area and band application can easily be achieved at the press of a button on the terminal. The combination of the AmaSelect nozzle body with the active ContourControl boom guidance system fully maximises the advantages of the system, as maintaining the height above the target is particularly important in this case.

Amazone_AmaSense Weather
AmaSense Weather, the temperature and air humidity sensor

Silver medal No. 3 was given to Amazone in conjunction with eight other partners for the Nevonex system powered by Bosch. Amazone has developed the AmaSense Weather feature for the accessible and neutral digital ecosystem. Plant protection agents react differently and with varying levels of efficacy in changing weather conditions. Temperature and air humidity change with the time of day and the topography of the field. AmaSense Weather is a sensor that allows Amazone crop protection sprayers to recognise the current temperature and air humidity. The integration of the sensor into the Nevonex system makes it possible to provide the sensor data to the farmer, agronomist or an external expert system. The user can immediately respond when critical thresholds are reached during application. The knowledge of the whereabouts of the boundaries of part-areas with a different micro-climate increases each time the crop protection sprayer drives over the field. The plant protection treatment can thus be adapted to the micro-climate of these part-areas, which further increases the efficacy of the plant protection agents applied.

At Agritechnica, AMAZONEN-WERKE will exhibit to visitors, across a 2700 m² stand in Hall 9, more than 60 different machines and functional models, including 30 new machines and agronomical solutions.

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Jun 2, 2021

The new ZA-X and ZA-M mounted spreaders with EasySet 2 in-cab terminal

Amazone’s new ZA-M 02 and ZA-X 03 mounted spreaders can now be specified with the EasySet 2 in-cab terminal. This electric control unit enables a constant application rate to be maintained irrespective of forward speed as well as offering many other easy-to-operate functions and comfortable setting options. In addition to this, both spreader models boast a new look.

May 21, 2021

Amazone UX SmartSprayer - Spot Farming at the highest level now in field use

Amazone will start field usage of the UX 5201 SmartSprayer trailed sprayer with its 36 metre boom width during the spring season 2021. The pinpoint application of foliar herbicides will be carried out "green in green" in real time during the day-to-day spraying activities of a large arable farm. The camera technology from Bosch detects weeds in row crops and the xarvio™ Agronomic Decision-making Engine (ADE) from BASF Digital Farming Solutions decides on the application.

Amazone_Pantera 4503_Profihopper 1250_Precea 4500-2CC Super
Apr 22, 2021, Hasbergen-Gaste

AMAZONE Group continues its dynamic growth

For the 2020 financial year, the AMAZONE Group exceeded a sales revenue of 500 million Euros. The agricultural and groundcare machinery manufacturer achieved a 15% increase in sales worldwide, compared to the previous year.

The family-run company has placed its total revenue for 2020 at 537 million Euros (2019: €467 million). By doing so, AMAZONE has achieved the highest revenue in its 138-year history. Despite the limitations of the coronavirus pandemic, the...