In the virtual training world, scenarios on the basis of 3D-CAD data are created which allow the service technician to learn the maintenance and repair procedures so as to be able to later make use of the gained experience by putting it in practice. In this way, even complex procedures, such as, for instance, the assembly of components inside a Pantera spray agent tank or on a Profihopper can be learned.

Also, in this way, little-used service situations or assembly Methods can be taught and perfected beforehand so that, in case of necessity, this knowledge can be recalled.  At the same time, the system provides the possibility to offer to the end user training modules on maintenance schedules on the Profihopper or Pantera and to explain minor repair work.

As the system is easily transported, the Training can be carried out both at AMAZONE or also, for instance, at their service partner.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

AMAZONEN-WERKE are specialists in fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, active (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and passive (disc cultivators and harrows) soil tillage, precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers. AMAZONE has also been offering high-performance equipment for park and lawn maintenance and winter road gritting for many years. You will find out everything else here in the image film!