Steering management: It has to be manoeuvrable, compact and flexible!


In spite of the vehicle size, the minimal turning circle of the Pantera is only 4.50 m when in 4-wheel steer. This is helped by a short wheelbase and sharp steering angle. With this superb manoeuvrability, the daily acreage outputs can be optimised enormously, especially in small fields. The switching between 4-wheel and 2-wheel steer is carried out via the multi-function joystick. The “dog leg steer” function facilitates perfect operation to keep within the wheel marks, even when working on sloping terrain. The steering re-adjustment is also done via pressing a button on the multi- function joystick. Also, in wet conditions and on sensitive soils, the off-set track driving using the dog leg steer proves to be a decisive advantage.

Image film AMAZONE 1883