The early bird catches the worm

This also applies to fertiliser spreaders. In many parts of Russia, the winter lasts much longer than in our part of the world, which means that the first application of fertiliser can be end up being relatively late. After the last snow has melted, it takes a long time until the ground is stable again. A heavy tractor would leave deep tracks. However, you can drive on a grain field with winter cereals and apply the first fertiliser after the usual night frosts with a lightweight off-road vehicle equipped with the appropriate tyres. However, you need to mount the right fertiliser spreader on the light vehicle. The AVION company took advantage of this opportunity and mounted our Amazone ZA-M spreader on a "Patriot", a well-known Russian off-road vehicle from the UAZ company based in Ulyanovsk, a large Russian city on the Volga. The large farms can use this practical combination to apply the first fertiliser several weeks earlier in spring than is usual, thereby significantly increasing the yield. It goes without saying that the Patriot is also suitable for other purposes, not only in agriculture.

Image film AMAZONE 1883

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